The best clear iphone 15 cases showcase your smartphone’s dazzling colors, while making sure security and providing an unobstructed watching experience. Some offer MagSafe compatibility and quick cordless charging, too. However you’ll also wish to ensure that your new case can hold up against the inescapable bumps and drops and withstand yellowing gradually. A few of the leading choices consist of antimicrobial innovation, which eradicates bacteria on a surface area, and magnetic innovation that lines up with your magnetic wireless battery charger for an easy accessory experience whenever.
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The dbrand Ghost is among the thinnest and lightest cases on this list, but the brand name offsets it with a pledge of 10ft drop defense that will never ever yellow– in addition to a life time replacement warranty if it does. This light-weight case is engineered from polycarbonate and includes corner bumpers to soak up the impact of even your clumsiest falls and journeys.

If you ‘d prefer a more substantial case, take a look at the TORRAS Natural Titanium. This long lasting, clear case provides military-grade security and is engineered from a mix of top-quality TPU, PETG, and a special additive that helps the plastic resist the dreadful yellowing impact. The case is available in a number of sizes and colors to match your aesthetic appeals.
Another solid option is the Speck Presidio Grip. This sturdy case has been tested to stand up to up to 6 feet of dropped effects, and the back has a textured finish to keep your fingers from slipping off while you’re using the phone. Its constructed to last with a scratch-resistant finishing and works with MagSafe and wireless charging.
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If you do not mind a somewhat bulkier case, the Smartish Wallet Slayer has a snug pocket on the back to hold three or 4 cards and some cash for fast access to your most frequently used products. This case will not permit you to utilize your phone in landscape mode and doesn’t cover the screen like a lot of folio wallet cases, but it is still compatible with MagSafe and cordless charging.
Unless you’re upgrading from an older version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you need to be fine to stick to your preferred color of the iPhone’s natural titanium, black, or blue surfaces. A great clear case will let you reveal it off and keep it safeguarded from the periodic fumble or accidental fall.
Some of the top clear iphone 15 cases feature an adjustable camera ring or button style, so you can tailor your design to match your distinct character. Caseology’s Nano Pop, for instance, has an enjoyable two-tone style that works well with many iPhone 15 colors. It’s MagSafe and cordless charging compatible and includes an integrated kickstand for hands-free usage.
If a plain color does not speak with you, try among the colorful styles on Casetify’s Impact line. There are lots of color, text, typeface, and positioning choices to select from, plus a huge collection of licensed styles including Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars characters, Harry Potter and the Office, BTS, and Peanuts. This case is likewise available in antimicrobial Micropel, which the business claims slows the spread of bacteria on a device.